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Janus COffee ROasters has partnered with Janus Coffee Roasters to launch a new and innovative Bourbon barrel-aged coffee. Buy this barrel-aged coffee on this link.

This delicious coffee hails from Wyoming and spent the perfect amount of time aging in a used Breckenridge Bourbon barrel from Colorado.

After a highly adventurous that included blizzards, 60 mph winds, road closures, fully booked hotels, and a 3-hour detour trip to pick up some Breckinridge Distillery Bourbon Barrels, we got to work.

Janus Coffee Roasters took an amazing bean from Peru for a month in Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon Barrels and roast it medium to create this absolutely amazing Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee.

The medium roast allows for the bean to retain some of the flavor profile of dark chocolate, raisin, walnut, and brown sugar while pushing the amazing Breckinridge Bourbon to the forefront.

If you like Barrel Aged Coffee, get a bag now as it is currently is a limited production release.



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