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Casa Noble Tequila New Bottle

Casa Noble Tequila tells they are reintroducing their ultra-premium line of tequila expressions, with refined expressions of the Tequila itself and sleek updates to the signature packaging.

Thus far, we haven’t reviewed and plan on bringing you our review soon.

Casa Noble says that with more than 200 years of tequila-making expertise, the Casa Noble family of Single Estate Organic tequilas was redeveloped to deliver an even more distinguished tasting experience.

“We are delighted to introduce our reimagined line of tequilas,” Casa Noble Founder and Master Distiller, Pepe Hermosillo tells us. “In a world where things move at a hastened pace, we are welcoming consumers to slow down, sit back, and sip along with us as they enjoy life.”

Grown in high-altitude fields on the mountains of western Jalisco, Casa Noble’s journey begins with only the finest ingredients – 100% CCOF Certified Organic blue agave – which are carefully nurtured until they reach full maturity. With sustainability in mind every step of the way, Casa Noble employs practices that reinforce the natural stewardship of the land, including using only natural fertilizers made from composted piñas and agave plant waste, cultivating agave sprouts to ensure quality and continuity, sourcing water from a pure volcanic aquifer, and maintaining a zero-spillage production cycle.

The meticulous production process uses only traditional methods, with the estate-grown agaves cooked in stone ovens, naturally fermented and distilled three times, resulting in a superior tequila that delivers a lush taste and round finish.

Steeped in tradition with an eye towards the future, Casa Noble’s thoughtfully crafted expressions are packaged in newly designed bottles to reflect their modern sensibilities. The sleek, minimalist bottles stand tall, cut to resemble the piña and adorned with a crest of tequila nobilities.

Casa Noble’s Single Estate tequilas are available in the following expressions:

Casa Noble Crystal

Vibrant and unaged, it is the origin for each of Casa Noble’s expressions. It embodies the brand’s commitment to continuous evolution on their way to tequila perfection. Elegance in its purest form, this tequila is exquisitely balanced, offering beautiful fruit and citrus with sweet agave and soft herbal notes.

SRP: $43.99

Casa Noble Reposado

364 days of aging in a precise selection of new oak from some of France’s most renowned cooperages, transforms Blanco into an enchantingly harmonious melding of youth and maturity. It opens with warm vanilla, bright lemongrass, and subtle floral aromas, followed by flavors of sweet, cooked agave and toasty oak.

SRP: $49.99

 Casa Noble Añejo

Blended from up to 14 lots to capture Master Distiller Pepe Hermosillo’s unique vision, extensive aging in new French oak, creates a warm, complex character – the ultimate in sipping pleasure. Dried fruit and spice aromas complement toasted oak, butterscotch, and vanilla. An undertone of sweet cooked agave recalls this tequila’s fresh Blanco roots.

SRP: $54.99


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