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Four Roses Distillery of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky tells the newest release in its series of limited-quantity special bottlings this September – the 2021 Limited Edition Small Batch. The blend of well-aged Bourbons rangeing from 12 to 16-year-old Bourbon whiskeys.

Four Roses will distribute approximately 14,500 hand-numbered bottles of the 2021 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon to be sold in the United States with a suggested retail price of $150 and will roll out to select retailers in late September.

There will also be a public lottery for a limited number of bottles available at the distillery, which is explained at the bottom of this story.

Live Interview with Mater Distiller Brent Elliott’s Tom Fischer will be the first to do a live interview and broadcasted tasting with Master Distiller Brent Elliott tomorrow night (WED September 1, 2021) at 8 pm ET on the video link below, also found on Also be watching that link for other BourbonBlog Live videos coming soon.

About The Bourbon

This will be the highest proof of any of the other limited editions in this small-batch series from Four Roses.

Non-chill filtered and bottled at 114.2 proof, the 2021 Limited Edition Small Batch features four different hand-selected batches aged 12 to 16 years including:

58% 16-year-old OESV (Delicate fruit and caramel, 20% rye)
23% 12-year-old OESK (Baking spice, 20% rye)
13% 16-year-old OBSV (Delicate fruit and rye notes, 35% rye)
6% 14-year-old OBSQ (Rye and light floral essence, 35% rye)

“Hand-selecting the barrels to make up our annual limited edition bottling is one of my most rewarding experiences each year. The ability to work with 10 bourbon recipes each with distinct characteristics opens up endless possibilities.” Elliott said. “This year’s release brings a proof higher than any of the past Limited Editions, creating robust complexity and layers of flavors resulting from the variety of constituent batches and recipes.”

Public Lottery at the Distillery to Purchase a Bottle

Additionally, Four Roses will offer a limited quantity for sale at the Four Roses Distillery Visitor Center via a public lottery draw. Individuals may register for the lottery from August 31 to September 12 by visiting the Four Roses website. Those who are selected via random draw will schedule appointments to pick up their purchase at the Four Roses Distillery.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Limited Edition 2021

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