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Rum Old Fashioned

Tucked away under a Japanese restaurant in an unassuming area of the Hudson Valley, it already feels like the best escape ever.

Welcome to Fuchsia Tiki Bar in New Paltz, New York.’s Tom Fischer enjoyed it so much he returns to the Hudson Valley the second time in two months and hangs with owner Anton Kinloch. Together, they bring you the podcast interview below (or listen to it here BourbonBlog’s Podcast channel).

Listen to Our Podcast With Tiki Bar Owner Anton Kinloch

Fischer and Kinloch discuss the parallels between Rum and Bourbon whiskey, the revival of Tiki bars, and new Rums to check out.

Fuchsia is lush and brilliantly transportive. There are even old movie props from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that adorn the ceiling.

One of the coolest bars of its kind we have ever seen.

To get a taste of what you experience at the bar, Kinloch shares the cocktail below with us.

“Tiki is the greatest way to escape from everyday life and enjoy things on a much greater level,” Kinloch tells Tom Fischer.  He describes that especially in recent times, Tiki is what we all need.

The bar currently houses 209 different rums and holds the record for one of the largest rum libraries in the state of New York. Kinloch shares some Holmes Cay Single Cask Rum, a brand created by Hudson Valley native Eric Kaye.

This is the only tiki bar in the Hudson Valley.

Check Anton’s podcast Something to Drink About on this link or everywhere you stream your podcasts. They highlight beverage professionals in New York and in the Hudson Valley. Also, visit

Rum Old Fashioned

2 oz favorite rum
0.25 oz Demerara syrup (2:1)
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
2 dashes of Orange bitters

Build in the glass with a large cube, stir until well chilled and enjoy

Fuschia Tiki Bar New Paltz

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