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Fable and Folly Orphan Barrel Whiskey

The latest Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. release is a blend of some of the best previous releases which allows us to go back into our archives at as we were the first to report on the release of Diageo’s Orphan Series back in 2013 in the story linked here.

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co tells tells us that the  Fable & Folly Finest Quality Whiskey is Aged 14 Years. Fable & Folly was crafted from a proprietary blend that includes the last remaining stocks of Barterhouse, Forged Oak, and various Rhetoric releases.

It will be available soon in limited quantities at select spirits retailers nationwide  SRP of $149.99 for 750 mL.

Master Blender Andrew Mackay married the last remaining stocks of Barterhouse, Forged Oak and various Rhetoric releases with a proprietary blend to create the expression, which pays homage to the original releases yet possesses a distinct profile of its own.“Fable & Folly honors the quality ingredients that go into it and the ethos of the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. as a whole,” said Mackay.

We have interviewed the distillers about other Orphan Barrel releases like the one featured in the video below from our channel and on this link.

Mackay explains to

“In my discoveries of the six orphaned stocks that are part of Fable & Folly, it became clear that blending them would both highlight and enhance the nuances that make these liquids so special. Fable& Folly tells the stories of whiskeys past while exciting aficionados and collectors with a unique new spirit that stands the test of time.”Fable & Folly is a harmonious creation that uniquely balances age and flavor. This whiskey beautifully accents the rich, smooth character of the orphaned stocks within it, featuring spicy notes of rye and pepper.

>It begins with a burst of spice and delicately warms to a smooth richness with sweet notes of syrup and fruit. The spirit animal displayed on the bottle pays homage to this proprietary blend -a hybrid of the three signature animals of the whiskeys from which Fable & Folly came: a stag, a hummingbird, and a fox.”

Fable & Folly Orphan Barrel

Photo Credit: Miguel Buencamino of Holy City Handcraft


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