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As only 1,155 bottles of the 16-year-old Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection Nevallier Bourbon Whiskey exist, we invite you to watch on the link for a live bourbon tasting and review with Whiskey Maker & CEO Kaveh Zamanian and’s Tom Fischer tasting Nevallier.

Watch live on Tuesday, July 26th at 8 pm ET on the link above or on this link.

A 15-year-old Bourbon whiskey was transformed for an additional year of finishing using two unique French Oak barrels crafted from the Nevers and Allier forests of France.

This Bourbon has just been released at a suggested retail price of $895 per 750 mL bottle, and bottled at 115.8 proof/ 57.9% ABV.

Pictured below are Kaveh Zamannian and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer

Rabbit Hole Kaveh<
Kaveh Zamanian Rabbit Hole


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