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Double Oak Peerless Bourbon Whiskey

After a highly successful first release in 2021 of Peerless Double oak Bourbon Whiskey, the official unveiling and release of the 2022 release will be at Kentucky Peerless Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend.

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, 10 am – 12 pm (EDT) there will be a bottle singing along with bottles of the release being for sale.

Bottle Signing

Double Oak Peerless Bourbon Whiskey

The original Kentucky Peerless Small Batch Bourbon takes whiskey enthusiasts to places they’ve never been with a refined balance of fruits, florals, and oaks.

With the Double Oak release, this Bourbon has been exposed to two separate casks resulting in notes that we typically only associate with very old Bourbons  From a buttery mouthfeel to deep complexity of barrel, this is one of our favorite releases of the year at

Kentucky Peerless Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey

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