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Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar.jpg recommends Flaviar’s 2022 Whiskey Advent Calendar for the spirit lovers you are shopping for.

This is a carefully-curated chest of 24 whiskies that is available online at this link in select retail stores, including  Total Wine & More for $260.

Not only is the theme “The Depths of Whiskey” with a painting of Santa riding a submarine visually impressive, but the design of the entire chest is also a masterpiece and well-thought for the whiskey enthusiasts in your life.

For both whiskey connoisseurs and even those beginning their journey, each vial opens a new realm and the chance to discover a gem.

Twenty-four precious finds from seven seas ranging from Bourbon and Rye, Scotch and Irish, Japanese and Taiwanese, Danish, Welsh, and Israeli — and more.

Powers, Rabbit Hole, and Westward Whiskey are included…just to name a few.

With purchase, you will also receive an embossed leather coaster, a collectible Glencairn glass, and a tasting journal.



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