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Join Bourbon expert Tom Fischer as he welcomes Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs,  author, and host of the top podcast “The Way I Heard It,” to discuss and taste Mike’s latest venture – the delicious Knobel Tennessee Whiskey.

“This is not just another label-slapped whiskey from a B-list celebrity,” Mike tells, “this whiskey has a story.” Mike Rowe will tell Tom that story in the interview live later this wee.

Tune in the link on our channel above or here live from 8 to 8:30 pm ET on Thursday, March 2nd they dive into whiskey, life, and everything in between.

Sales of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey support the mikeroweWORKS Foundation in providing scholarships and support for students pursuing careers in the skilled trades.

You’ll learn more about upcoming scholarships from the interview Thursday as Mike has a special announcement, and you also check out

Mike tells us that mikeroweWORKS and “Dirty Jobs” are tributes to his granddad, Carl Knobel.

In addition to Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe is also known for his work on other popular TV shows, including Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Returning the Favor, How the Universe Works, How Booze Built America, and How America Works on Fox.

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Mike Rowe Knobel Whiskey

About Knobel Whiskeys

Knobel Tennessee Whiskey

Each bottle of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is made using the finest ingredients from local farmers in Tennessee.

The whiskey is charcoal-filtered immediately after distilling, commonly known as the Lincoln County Process, and aged for approximately five years in hand-toasted, new American oak barrels.

This carefully handcrafted process results in what is described as a rich, honey-colored whiskey with sweet caramel and spicy orange aromas with hints of vanilla, almond, and oak.

Warm flavors of sugar cookies, ginger, and fall spices fill the palate, leaving a long, sweet, and spicy finish reminiscent of apple pie.

Bottled at 45% Alc./Vol. / 90 Proof. A 750ml bottle of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is priced at $64.99.

Knobel TN Whiskey

Knobel Rickhouse Edition

Mike Rowe has also released a limited edition version of his Tennessee Whiskey, the Knobel Rickhouse Edition. This expression is made from Knobel Straight Tennessee Whiskey aged in American oak barrels and finished with French oak staves to produce a unique sip.

The Rickhouse Edition is bottled at 47.5% Alc./Vol. / 95 Proof and has a complex and smooth profile of warm spices that opens with sweet notes of meringue, marmalade, orange rind, and caramel.

Knobel Rickhouse Edition

The taste plays nicely against the spice of the French oak and the vanilla coming from the American white oak. The flavor said to be reminiscent of fall baking spices, custardy, and fall desserts with apple pie.

It finishes with a hint of lingering cloves and cinnamon on top of banana bread and panna cotta dessert.

A 750ml bottle of Knobel Rickhouse Edition is priced at $67.95

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Knobel Whiskey Mike Rowe Signed

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