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Savage & Cooke Distillery tells  innovative pre-bottled craft cocktail that is bound to impress whiskey enthusiasts. Boasting a unique bottle design, “The Manhattan Project” is a new release with 750 ml volume and 60-proof (30% ABV) that delivers a smooth and complex taste.

Moreover, the bottle design is a true work of art, featuring stunning images of graffiti art that winemaker and distillery/owner founder Dave Phinney photographed throughout Manhattan, New York

At only $39 per bottle, with approximately 8 servings of 3 oz. each, it offers great value for money. Simply pour over ice and garnish with an orange peel to savor sultry notes of dark fruit, candied orange, and vanilla.

The bottle also comes equipped with a Grolsch-style swing-top lid, which adds to the overall convenience and ease of serving.

Live Interview Monday Night

Learn more about this exciting new creation as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer will be discussing “The Manhattan Project” with Savage & Cooke Master Distiller Jordan Via in a live broadcast scheduled for Monday night, March 13 at 8 pm ET – on this live link or link above at the top.

As the team has spent some time at the distillery in Mare Island, California and we’ve often included their whiskeys in our educational series hosted by Tom Fischer, we are fans of their Second Glance American Whiskey Burning Chair Bourbon Whiskey, Lip Service Rye whiskey, Guero, and Bad Sweater season releases.

Manhattan Project Jordan Via Savage and Cooke

The Manhattan Project Bottled Craft Cocktail – What is In It?

The whiskey in the cocktail is Savage & Cooke’s famous Lip Service Rye Whiskey – which is aged for a minimum of three years in new charred American oak barrels and then uniquely finished in wine barrels from Dave Phinney’s Grenache project in Maury, France

Additionally, Jordan Via tells us he partner with California’s Rockwell Vermouth Co., and the bitters are house-made.


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