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Bucking Bull Brands launches the newest Texas Bucking Bull Bourbon and they are partnering with Emmy and Tony award-winning actor Eric Nelsen of the hit series 1883. Watch as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer invites Eric Nelsen for a conversation and live tasting Bucking Bull Bourbon on Thursday, April 6 at 8 pm ET, on the link above and also on this link.

Eric will also talk about new projects including The Will Rogers Story, Holly by Nightfall, and Butched with fellow 1883 actor James Landry Hébert.

We might ask Eric about sharing a pour with fellow 1883 actors like Sam Elliott and Faith Hill. Any questions you want to see us ask? Leave them in the comments below!

1883 Actor Eric Nelson Bucking Bull Bourbon Whiskey

More about Bucking Bull Bourbon Whiskey

Bucking Bull Bourbon Whiskey is now available in Ft. Worth, Texas bars and retailers, and plans to expand throughout Texas by summer’s end. According to Nelsen, Bucking Bull Bourbon was created in association with Alamo Distilling Company of San Antonio, Texas.

Eric Nelsen has joined as a brand ambassador and chief spokesperson, bridging the modern West, action sports, and the younger, premium bourbon-buying audience.

Co-founder Phil Neason said, “We’re very Bullish!”

Bucking Bull Bourbon Whiskey review

Bucking Bull Bourbon Whiskey disrupts traditional whiskey marketing with its vibrant label created by Dallas artist Lyndon Gaither, original videos, music, and a direct-to-consumer approach.  For a creative collection of those and more, visit

Co-founder Sarah Pfaff stated, “With Eric Nelsen’s help, the bright beautiful artwork on the Bucking Bull Bourbon label will buck off the shelf and into customers’ hands!”

Bucking Bull Brands is the parent company of the small-batch  Bucking Bull Bourbon, which they are calling the “bad-ass Whiskey with a kick!”


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