Posted by attends the official opening of the new home of Buzzard’s Roost in Louisville, Kentucky as the city has welcomed this new addition to its iconic Whiskey Rw.  Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey Row Experience opened its doors at 624 W. Main Street. The 6,000-square-foot space houses a micro-distillery, bar, retail shop, tasting room, and classrooms.

The brand is the brainchild of co-owners Jason Brauner and Judy Hollis-Jones, which launched in 2019. has covered Buzzard’s Roost extensively with interviews and tastings with Jason Brauner on our channel including their Cigar Rye Whiskey.

Additionally, for friends attending our Kentucky Derby week event, you’ll have the chance to sip Buzzard’s Roost Whiskeys as you attend the event “Spirits Derby Soirée” at Bourbons Bistro – info on how to attend here.

Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey Row Experience is unique in its emphasis on education, offering interactive classes on the art and science of whiskey, the history of the spirit, and what distinguishes bourbon and rye cocktails. Hollis-Jones, a Louisville native, wanted her post-retirement venture to have a strong connection to Kentucky, noting that whiskey and bourbon are currently “the Kentucky thing to do.”

Buzzard’s Roost’s Micro-Distillery on Site

This location will produce up to seven barrels of new-make bourbon or rye per week, complementing Buzzard’s Roost’s sourced whiskies, which are currently re-barreled and bottled at Bardstown Bourbon Company in Bardstown, KY.

Tasting flights and cocktails will be available at the bar, and Buzzard’s Roost whiskies and other merchandise are for sale.

Limited Edition Whiskeys at Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey Row Experience

Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey Row Experience officially opened to the public with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony, offering guests the opportunity to purchase limited-release bottles of the following:

Three Exclusive Limited Release Whiskies Available on Opening Day:

Founders’ Select 7-Year-Old Barrel Strength Bourbon ($125)

Founders’ Select Single Barrel Rye ($75)

Founders’ Select Single Barrel Bourbon ($75)

Judy Hollis Jones & Jason Brauner Buzzards Roost

More About Buzzard’s Roost:

Buzzard’s Roost Sipping Whiskey is an independent blender and bottler of exceptional whiskies crafted using pioneering techniques. Buzzard’s Roost whiskies stand out for their exceptional flavors, which are created using a breakthrough combination of techniques for second barrel maturation including 18-month-seasoned oak barrels with a Char #1 over very specific and intentional levels of toast. Buzzard’s Roost coaxes complex flavors from each barrel leading to rye whiskeys and bourbons that are like no other whiskey in the world.

Since launching in Kentucky in 2019, Buzzard’s Roost continues its expansion across the U.S. and Canada and is now distributed in 11 states. Select products are also available online. Buzzard’s Roost is proud to be a woman-led company.


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