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In the grand tapestry of American spirits, there was a very dark time when Bourbon, our beloved nectar, slipped into a quiet slump in sales and popularity. It was overlooked in favor of clear spirits and fruity mixers.

However, the embers of bourbon’s rich heritage never went out, and for the past decade or more, we’ve reveled in the resurgence of what we fondly call the “Bourbon Boom.”

This renaissance has seen Bourbon retake its throne as America’s native spirit, imbued with the resilience and fortitude that mirror our own. For over 17 years at as the first media outlet dedicated to Bourbon and more, we have celebrated this resurgence, steadfast in our dedication to this marvelous spirit.

While we at do this every day – and we think some of y’all do as well, on National Bourbon Day – June 14th, we do it with even greater passion, reveling in the shared love for this magnificent spirit.

Thus, we are sharing a few of our favorite ways to celebrate today. Not just the joy of sharing news and reviews, but let’s allow these possibilities to foster an ever-evolving whiskey dialogue. We revel in the conversations and the shared passion that makes every day a Bourbon Day.

#1 Join the Bourbon Conversation

We more than enjoy your thoughts, feedback, and curiosity.

You share your tasting notes on a standard like Woodford Reserve, your observations on the bold character and how Wyoming Whiskey has become more delicious over the years. We appreciate your requests and suggestions on who we should interview next ike RD1 BourbonMike Rowe, and actor Martin Kove.

Every input adds richness, just like every sip…so subscribe to our Bourbon Podcast, tweet with us on Twitter @BourbonBlog, Instagram, and Facebook – and we always welcome to reach out with questions to us at [email protected].

Yes, a cool email address, and while this is a touch of self-promoting, remember we are doing this all t  virtually sip with cool people like you, and we will always reply!

#2 Host a Bourbon and Whiskey Tasting

Those sips mentioned above aren’t always virtual, so turn your home into a tasting room.

Challenge your spouse, friends, or partners to a blind tasting for this idea.

There’s joy in the shared surprise when the favorite pick turns out to be an underdog. If you’d like to make it a grand event and have Bourbon expert and BourbonBlog founder Tom Fischer to host your virtual Bourbon tasting or in-person event, reach out to us at [email protected].

And when you host your own tasting at home or work, don’t forget to refer to the tasting wheel here that Fischer originally created for Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival to explore the full spectrum of bourbon flavors.

#3 Your Bourbon Voyage: Visiting Distilleries, Bourbon Bars, and Festivals Near and Far

Use National Bourbon Day and the whole summer as an excuse to explore the distilleries in your vicinity, or plan a vacation around those further afield.

Be it at Texas’s Garrison Brothers Distillery or Kentucky Artisan Distillery (for some Jefferson’s Bourbon featured below) every visit is a journey through history and flavor.

Additionally, sip at Bourbon bars like Multnomah Falls – pictured above. Visit other websites like America’s Distilled Spirits Trail, ADI’s Craft Disitllery Spirits Map and Directory, or local tourism pages that can be treasure troves of information on distilleries you can explore.

#4 Raise a Toast to the Bourbon Distillers, Teams, and all Artisans:

Let’s raise our glass to those who create the magic – the master distillers like George Dickel’s Nicole Austin, Fred and Freddie Noe at Jim Beam, or Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn at Kentucky Peerless along with every member of their team that is part of the process.  And throw a thank you to the person who first introduced you to Bourbon!

Don’t forget the artisans behind the treasures which can’t be poured but can be savored like Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Balls, Art Eatables, and Bourbon Barrel Foods.

Let your cheers ring out across social media, bringing joy to these artisans and encouraging more people to delve deeper into the Bourbon world.

Oh yeah, the good people at Breckenridge Distillery – pictured below – don’t forget to pour some Breck Bourbon!

#5 Try An Unusual or Surprising Bourbon Pairing

Step beyond the traditional with pairings.

Pair the smoky charm of Tennessee’s Uncle Nearest with fresh oysters, or the boldness of New York’s Hudson Baby Bourbon with a spicy Mexican mole.

Exploring new pairings can turn your Bourbon Day into a culinary adventure.

In a recent story, and not the most unusual, we paired a large number of Bourbons and whiskeys with pies, read that article here. 

And, yes while not too surprising of a pairing, every Friday night you can join Tom Fischer and Matty Rock on Cigar Saturday as Tom pairs Bourbons with cigars and they interview incredible guests like actor Tony Cucci “Fat Dom” from The Sopranos  – watch on

#6 Craft Your Signature Bourbon Cocktail:

Play with flavors to create a unique bourbon cocktail.

Perhaps a twist on a classic Mint Julep using Journeyman’s Featherbone Bourbon, or maybe an imaginative blend starring Oregon’s Burnside Bourbon?

You can even substitute Bourbon in other cocktail recipes. Ever tried a Bourbon in Bloody Mary rather than a vodka? Do it tonight, or for brunch.

Years ago, we crafted the first ever Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Cocktail, the original recipe here. Go gently on the BBQ sauce…or perhaps, don’t! Yes, that is what it can look like below.

#7 Share the Love of Bourbon

National Bourbon Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce someone to the world of Bourbon. Perhaps a friend who’s yet to uncover the bourbon magic or a loved one who’s a novice to the scene.

Sharing a sip of Utah’s High West Distillery bourbon is not just sharing a drink, it’s passing on a tradition, a passion.

If they don’t like Bourbon, then unfriend them from your life! Oh, come on, just kidding!  We love that everyone has a variety of preferences and we welcome all to our adventures. That is why go well beyond covering only Bourbon on This week we tested and reviewed the new Patrón El Alto Teuquila check out the live review and interview here.

#8 Tell us How You Are Toasting to National Bourbon Day Under the Comments Below

Share your unique experiences below under comments, and your favorite pours as National Bourbon Day is not just a holiday, it’s a celebration of lifestyle.

As we toast with you, let’s remember to enjoy responsibly, cherishing each sip and the richness it offers.



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