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Bourbon expert Tom Fischer is s set to interview co-founder and distiller Colin Spoelman of Brooklyn’s Kings County Distillery about their upcoming release, the 7-year-old Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Whiskey along with a tasting of the new Kings County Coffee Whiskey.

The interview and live Bourbon tasting happens on Thursday, July 6th at 8 pm ET on the link below and on this YouTube link. The whiskey is set to be released on Wednesday, July 12th. They’ll talk about this plus tease forward to an opportunity for fans to taste a rare release next week at the distillery (more below)

Kings County 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Whiskey (oldest Bottled in Bond release ever from the distillery)

Priced at $125 per bottle and aged for a significant 7 years, this special edition has matured for an extra year compared to previous releases. This additional maturity is expected to enhance its unique flavor profile, making it a standout in Kings County’s already impressive lineup.

Only 100 cases are available and some limited quantities will be allocated in markets where you can purchase Kings County Bourbon.

DISTILLERY ONLY: 5 Bottles and 80 pours at Gatehouses of the 158.6 Proof

Kings County shares the news with first: A single 53-gallon barrel of 7-year-old whiskey leaked, leaving very little liquor behind. Yet, what survived was “hazmat” proof – climbing to a remarkable 158.6 proof.

Colin says that while there’s a niche audience of barrel-strength Bourbon that enjoys ‘hazmat proof’ whiskeys, not all these high-proof whiskeys are palatable. Colin assures that this one is an exception with incredible flavors.

On the night of the 7-year-old release, July 12, this unique whiskey will be available for tasting at $50 a pour, with only 80 pours available. Each lucky consumer who secures a pour will also receive a certificate of completion. (Bottle pictured below).

Hazmat whiskey, a relatively new category primarily encompassing Bourbons and American whiskeys, refers to those exceeding 140 proof. They’re known for their volatile nature and high flammability, warranting cautious consumption. With an alcohol content over 70% ABV, the FAA reportedly prohibits these whiskeys from airplane transport.

Hazmat Bourbon

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