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Jefferson’s Bourbon tells they are releasing Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity this September 202., Known for their boundary-pushing maturation techniques, this release adds to their spectacular portfolio.

Initially matured in Kentucky, the bourbon’s finishing touch was actually aging in Singapore’s challenging tropical conditions, bestowing upon it an unmatched richness and complex profile. They say it has been “hyperaged by heat and humidity”

Jefferson’s Bourbon unveils its latest masterpiece priced at $99.99 for a 750mL bottle with a potent 52% ABV. Photo below of Founders Trey Zoeller with his father Chet Zoeller during an early media party in Singapore.

Trey Zoeller Chet Zoeller

The Maturation Journey: Kentucky to Singapore and Back

In a bold experiment in 2019, Jefferson’s Bourbon sent 720 barrels from Kentucky to the tropical environment of Singapore. For a span of 18 months, these barrels soaked in the city-state’s scorching heat and humidity.

The brand tells us that this intense climatic exposure accelerated the aging, caramelizing the wood sugars, and infusing the bourbon with unique notes of bing cherry, aromatic spices, toffee, and sea salt. After their tropical stint, the barrels were meticulously blended back in Kentucky to achieve a harmonious flavor profile.

“After taking barrels to many different locations, it was evident that the hot and humid climates had such a positive impact on the bourbon. So when homing in on a location to age our first Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity release, we knew we needed to be near the equator, where the heat and humidity would be year-round and intense.

Singapore – one of my bucket list travel destinations – was absolutely perfect for this experiment,” Trey  Zoeller tells “The result is a remarkable bourbon, one that
further reinforces my belief that terroir for whiskey comes from the environment that the bourbon matures in rather than the ground from which the grains are grown”


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