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Four Roses Bourbon tells that the 135th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is set for release this September 15, 2023. Priced at $199.99 and limited to 15,060 hand-numbered bottles, this particular release celebrates the brand’s 135 years of dedication to quality and craftsmanship in bourbon production.

This release comes on the heels of their recent brand refresh as the packaging details on the limited edition bottle, including the brand’s updated logo and an engraved rose cluster on the cork of the bottle

About the Four Roses 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled at 108 proof, the 135th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch features four hand-selected bourbon recipes including the following:

  •  12-year-old OESV recipe –  (making up 35% of the Bourbon) that features notes of delicate fruit and caramel.
  •  16-year-old OESV recipe (making up 20% of the Bourbon) – which goes deeper into the caramels and fruits.
  •  14- year-old OESK recipe (making up 40%, of the Bourbon) with notes of baking spice; and
  • 25-year-old OBSV recipe (making up  5% of the Bourbon) that boasts delicate fruit and rye flavors.

A key differentiator for the distillery, Four Roses combines two mash bills with five proprietary yeast strains to create 10 distinct bourbon recipes, allowing for Master Distiller Brent Elliott to not only create consistency across the brand’s core product line but to innovate and achieve an endless range of flavor profile

Four Roses explains the tasting notes to be delicate layers of honey, rye spice, and berries, concluding with a long and harmoniously mellow finish

“This release celebrates 135 years of meticulously crafted, high-quality bourbon, and I’m excited to hear what our devoted consumers have to say about it,” Master Distiller Brent Elliott tells us. “In crafting this blend, I wanted to create an elegant bourbon worthy of the brand’s heritage. Each of the 12-, 14-, and 16-year-old batches possess individual characteristics that complement each other perfectly. Once the ideal balance of these three batches was achieved, I looked at several other batches of various ages and recipes to add an extra layer of nuance to the blend. Ultimately I selected the 25-year-old OBSV, which melds perfectly with the other batches and adds additional complexity and depth.”

How To Get A Bottle

In addition to the special bottling rolling out to select retailers next month, Four Roses will offer a limited quantity for sale at the Four Roses Distillery Visitor Center through a public lottery drawing.

Individuals may register for the lottery from August 22 to August 28 by visiting this link. 

A random draw will decide who is selected to pick up their purchase at the Four Roses Distillery.


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