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As a legacy beer company makes a historic move purchasing an emerging Kentucky Bourbon brand, we ask the questions you are asking, “Why is Coors getting more into the whiskey business….why now, and what is to come?”

Watch above, as continues to follow the news and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer has the first interview of its kind with David Coors (the great-great-grandson of Coors founder Adolph Coors), and Mike Montgomery, co-founder of Blue Run Spirits.

You can also watch the interview on this video link or listen to it on our podcast channel here.

This acquisition signifies Molson Coors’ strategic transition from being primarily a beer company to a comprehensive beverage entity.

This conversation reveals insights into what this merger means for the beverage world, particularly the bourbon industry.

With the start of Coors Spirits Co., David Coors is at the helm of this new venture, steering it towards uncharted territories. Mike Montgomery, who has been instrumental in shaping Blue Run Spirits, will now serve as Vice President of Coors Spirits.

They dive into the details of how this acquisition transpired, sharing updates about the distillery currently under construction in Georgetown, Kentucky.

They also discuss future plans for the brands under their umbrella, providing a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead as Mike hints to what Shaylyn Gammon, Whiskey Director at Blue Run Spirits, might have in store coming up.

In addition to Blue Run Spirits, Coors Spirits Co. also owns Five Trail Blended American Whiskey and Barmen 1873 Bourbon. Molson Coors tells us their diverse portfolio underscores their commitment to broadening their product range and venturing deeper into the spirits market.


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