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Today, I welcome back comedian James “Murr” Murray to A number of years ago, when the show was new, we were fortunate to be one of the first podcasts/blogs to interview Murr during an inaugural season.

This weekend…Murr will be performing in Louisville, Kentucky; Knoxville, TN; and Charleston, WV, with a series of other shows throughout the country. Watch the interview above, on this YouTube link, and check this interview out on our podcast channel on this link .

Get Tickets on and learn what to expect during the live show on our interview.  One highlight: An audience member at each show actually gets sent into the wild as cameras follow and the audience watches the selected fan play a real prank in each town!

Want to know which celebrities he’d most like to have on the show and whom he’d love to prank? I’ll spill the beans on one: it’s George Clooney! And as we brainstorm, Murr and I are plotting a prank on a certain celebrity, so stay tuned.

Try guessing who it might be. We’ve dropped some hints herein and perhaps on some previous posts.

Throughout our chat, I serve up a few Virginia whiskeys, including Copper Fox Distillery Single Malt Whiskey from Williamsburg and Courage & Conviction from Lovingston, VA.



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