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The Owensboro Police Department tells that a major bourbon theft at Glenmore Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky has been reported. An estimated 21 pallets of Bourbon valued around $70,000, have been stolen, potentially marking one of the largest heists since the infamous “Pappygate.”

In 2013, when was the first to cover “Pappygate,” the initial estimate from Buffalo Trace reported was valued at just over $26,000. However, the investigation later revealed a staggering theft of over $500,000. The new Glenmore Distillery heist could eventually reveal a similar impact as the story evolves.

Recalling the “Pappygate” investigation, which later inspired the Netflix docuseries “Heist” featuring Tom Fischer the film’s bourbon expert, Fischer brings you this new podcast interview below and on this link with Owensboro authorities.

Fischer asks critical questions yet unanswered, about this significant bourbon theft.

What we Know about this 2023 Bourbon Theft

The Bourbon theft was reported on November 10th, 2023 and it is currently an active investigation. However, what led to the theft is still somewhat unclear. Here is what we know…

According to Owensboro Police Department Public Information Officer Dylan Evans, the bourbon in question, initially intended for a specific location, was attempted to be routed elsewhere.

He indicates that rerouting suggests a deliberate diversion, possibly involving the individual transporting the bourbon or another party to be involved in the theft.

“Basically the individual transporting it was supposed to take it to one location somehow it was rerouted to another location where it was not accepted. So they are working together to get it back to the owner.”

Evans goes on to say that “both parties” are working together to return this bourbon back to the owner.

What We Don’t Know: Here is Where it Becomes Interesting…

As you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear Fischer ask who the specific parties are that are “working together,” to which Evans says he cannot comment.

Fischer follows up asking if one of the parties is the actual suspect.

Evans replies, “Everyone is working together to get the Bourbon back to the owner.”

So does this mean that the accused “thief” is working with the authorities and other parties? Or does it mean something completely different?

Could this whole incident have been a mistake with an unintended dropoff location that had to be reported as theft to then “clear up later?” Again, this is only one speculation from the interview.

Also, when asked about the actual brand of Bourbon, authorities could not comment. Additionally, the total number of cases and bottles within the pallets cann ot not be addressed at this time.

We certainly respect that the authorities are not able to comment on specific elements.

Who are the Parties Involved?

This high-value theft seems to have most impacted two major parties: Sazerac, the parent company of Glenmore Distillery, and the General Wholesale Beer Company.

Both are said to be actively cooperating in efforts to recover the “stolen Bourbon”

Stay tuned to for exclusive updates as this story unfolds.

The artwork of the bottles and truck scene was created in fiction for the story. No part of the artwork should be construed as any part of the actual theft.


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