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As the year 2024 dawns, Alec Bradley in collaboration with Starlight Distillery is set to introduce a new chapter in their indulgent pairings. Marking their second venture under the “Uncut Series”, this release features an exclusive combination: Alec Bradley Gatekeeper cigars with the Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon, uniquely finished in Vino de Naranja casks. This pairing stands as the third installment in STG’s acclaimed Uncut Series, showcasing a commitment to crafting exceptional experiences.

The Art of Perfect Pairing: Crafting the Alec Bradley & Starlight Collaboration

This collaboration is the brainchild of Christian Huber, a revered seventh-generation master distiller at Starlight Distillery, and Alec and Bradley Rubin, renowned for their legacy in cigar making. The trio embarked on a journey to meticulously sample various cask-strength bourbons straight from the barrels, searching for that perfect blend.

The Rubins, with their discerning taste, selected a barrel that perfectly encapsulated the subtle essence of orange. This unique profile was achieved by aging Starlight bourbon in casks previously used for Vino de Naranja, a Spanish wine infused with orange peels. This meticulous process reflects their deep passion for creating an unmatched bourbon and cigar experience.

How to Experience the Exclusive Bourbon-Cigar Pairing

Priced at $99.99, this luxurious package is available today from January 2nd until sold out on this link 

And with only 132 pairing packages available, we recommend you grab this exclusive release combines four Alec Bradley Gatekeeper Corona cigars with a 750 mL bottle of the uniquely finished Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon soon.



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