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First launched in 2014, the CAO tells that the CAO Amazon Basin, a rare tobacco blend, returns to U.S. retailers this month. This limited edition features fewer boxes than its 2022 release.

The CAO Amazon Basin is presented in 18-count rustic wooden boxes, reflecting its Amazonian roots. Each cigar, sized at 6” x 52, is priced at $14.29.

This release is slightly lesser in quantity than was made available in 2022.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager tells us, “While we are not disclosing production figures, the number of boxes we’re releasing this year is down from 2022 because of the scarcity of tobacco and the care it requires. My advice to CAO fans is if you see Amazon Basin, be sure to get your hands on it.”

About the Cigar:

At its heart, the Amazon Basin features the Bragança leaf, organically cultivated in the Amazon and harvested only every three years.

Planted sparsely, these plants yield less than standard tobacco crops. The harvested leaves undergo a six-month natural fermentation in hand-rolled tubes called “carottes.” After this, they’re transported by canoe to the CAO factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.


Brazilian Bragança: The centerpiece of the blend, this is a rare, organically grown tobacco from the Amazonian Rainforest. It is harvested once every three years and undergoes a natural six-month fermentation process.

Dominican Tobacco: Adds to the blend’s complexity.

Colombian Tobacco: Complements the Brazilian Bragança, contributing to the overall flavor profile.


Nicaraguan: Serves as the binder, providing structure to the flavors and adding to the blend’s medium-bodied character.


Ecuadoran Sumatra: A robust wrapper from the highest primings, enveloping the blend and contributing to its earthy and nutty flavor profile with notes of caramel.

Tasting Notes:

The medium-bodied blend, crafted at STG Esteli, offers earthy, nutty flavors with caramel notes and a briny essence.

Crafted at STG Esteli, the medium-bodied blend offers earthy, nutty flavors with caramel undertones and a hint of brininess, culminating in a dry finish. This unique blend delivers an extraordinary smoking experience, as intriguing as its Amazonian origin.


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