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House of Bardstown Bourbon Whiskey

The Bardstown Bourbon Company tells they are introducing “House of Bardstown,” a unique pop-up event that merges cocktail artistry with culinary exploration in February 2024.

This unique experience kicks off in Louisville first and then will proceed to Nashville and Dallas later in the spring. To ensure exclusivity and intimacy, access is limited to a small number of guests each evening, who will be guided to an undisclosed location for the experience.

The “House of Bardstown” offers an exclusive foray into the essence of bourbon culture, underscored by Bardstown’s commitment to innovation and transparency in whiskey making.

The “House of Bardstown” Experience

Guests attending the “House of Bardstown” will embark on a curated adventure through various themed rooms, each designed to tell a part of Bardstown’s story of collaboration and innovation in bourbon creation.

Highlights of the experience include:

The Origin Room: A space that challenges and redefines traditional bourbon perceptions with a modern aesthetic.

Discovery Lab: An immersive tasting room where guests can explore Bardstown’s exquisite bourbon blends, enhancing the sensory enjoyment of whiskey.

Foursquare Bar: A unique setting where the heritage of bourbon meets the tropical essence of Barbados, offering a fusion of flavors.

Goose Island Lounge: Styled after a Chicago speakeasy, providing a secretive retreat with its own distinct charm.

For more information and to secure your slot at”House of Bardstown,” visit Here, you will be able to register to receive updates, including detailed event information and dates for each city.



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