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At, we’ve discovered something special for bourbon fans who don’t usually go for cognac. We’ll dive into that in our review below,

Because Lunar New Year starts this weekend on Sat, Feb 10, we thought this would be the perfect moment to introduce Martingale Cognac, a paradox that captures the festival’s essence of renewal and heritage. It mirrors the Lunar New Year’s tradition of embracing both the rich tapestry of the past and the vibrant promise of a fresh start.

Priced at $120 for a 700mL bottle, with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%. Martingale Cognac just entered the US market this past year. It is distinguished by its higher percentage of Borderies varietals. With this, the brands says they are targeting a new generation of Cognac drinkers.

Just how well are they doing this? Our review follows…

Martingale Cognac Review

Martingale Cognac presents a unique journey, diverging from the conventional Cognac path with its harmonious blend of flavors youth, and maturity. While there is no specific age statement or category presented, this Cognac carries an undercurrent of floral vibrancy, a testament to its youthful essence. It also unfolds deeper notes reminiscent of the venerable character found in older cognacs—a balance that could intrigue bourbon enthusiasts.

Its flavor spectrum speaks of nuanced confectionery delights, reminiscent of almond croissants and other baked wonders, without directly invoking the pastry notes.

It crafts its own narrative of sophistication, where the toasty warmth of almonds and the richness akin to a well-caramelized crust of a creme brulee hint at the complexity usually reserved for more aged spirits.

The interplay of these elements, from the baked sweetness to the floral freshness, encapsulates a profile that, while distinctly youthful, resonates with the depth and richness appealing to those who crave the layered experiences of bourbon.

The History

The launch of Martingale Cognac is the culmination of a 100-year legacy by the Thomas family, now in its fourth generation with founders Guillaume Thomas (CEO) and Amaury Thomas (Master Blender).

This family’s journey in the Cognac industry began with their ancestors producing quality eaux-de-vie, contributing significantly to the appellation’s prestige.

Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of their grandfather, Raymond Thomas, the brothers have realized their vision of owning a distinct Cognac brand. Their efforts are supported by investments from notable personalities across diverse fields, highlighting Martingale’s significance as a family promise fulfilled and a heritage brand for the future.

Martingale Cognac’s introduction brings together legacy and innovation, featuring a bottle design inspired by the 17th-century Chateau d’Ars, the family’s ancestral home. The bottle’s shape, luxurious beveled etching, and the magical green “M” emblem draw directly from elements of the chateau, marrying the spirit’s rich history with a contemporary aesthetic.

Furthermore, the involvement of investors from the music, entertainment, wine, spirits, finance, and other sectors underscores the brand’s appeal across a broad spectrum, promising to rejuvenate interest in Cognac among both new and seasoned aficionados.


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