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Buffalo Trace Bourbon on Holland America Cruise Line

Ready to navigate through the amber waves of Buffalo Trace’s exclusive single-barrel bourbon on a Holland America cruise?

Our friends at first received the word and told us about this unforgettable bourbon tasting journey on the high seas.

Now, Holland America Line tells us they are elevating their beverage program by partnering with our friends at Buffalo Trace Distillery, introducing a fleetwide exclusive single-barrel select bourbon.

Crafted with the expertise of Sazerac Master Blender Drew Mayville and bourbon legend Freddie Johnson, this initiative offers a once-in-a-lifetime bourbon tasting journey at sea.

Available for a limited time starting in March 2024, this collaboration embodies the perfect blend of craftsmanship and tradition from two iconic brands.

Behind the Barrel: A Handpicked Selection

This bourbon was selected through a unique process that brought Holland America’s team to Buffalo Trace Distillery’s hallowed selection room at the Frankfort, Kentucky distillery.

The chance to showcase this bourbon came when Drew Mayville, Sazerac Master Blender and Holland America enthusiast, nominated the line for the exclusive Sazerac Barrel Select program  — an honor limited to only a few participants each year

Guided by Mayville and Johnson, the team tasted from four exceptional barrels, ultimately choosing Barrel #002 for its standout character—rich with intense oak and spice notes, and a smooth, memorable finish.

This meticulous selection process showcases the dedication to quality and the shared passion for creating a distinctive bourbon experience for cruise ship guests.

Savor the Exclusive Single Barrel Bourbon

Barrel #002, now ready to be savored, will make its debut on Holland America ships in March.

This was the barrel that the tasting group chose offering distinct characteristics of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with more intense notes of oak and spice on the nose with a smooth, lingering finish.

Mayville tells us, “We aimed to select an expressive and distinctive barrel for Holland America Line, confident that their guests would enjoy trying something truly unique to the cruise line.”

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon WHiskey Holland America

This exclusive offering is part of Holland America’s commitment to innovative beverage experiences, alongside other notable partnerships including cocktails by Ivy Mix, capturing the essence of Latin America, and a pirate-inspired rum punch by mixology maestro David Wondrich.

For bourbon aficionados and cruise enthusiasts alike, this collaboration not only promises an exceptional drinking experience but also highlights Holland America Line’s dedication to curating unique, memorable moments for its guests.

To embark on this bourbon-tasting adventure and discover more about Holland America’s beverage offerings, visit this link. 

This partnership represents a special treat for Buffalo Trace fans, bringing a piece of bourbon history to the high seas and further enriching Holland America Line’s array of gourmet and beverage experiences.



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