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Mellencamp Whiskey Farmers Reserve

Hard Truth Distilling Co tells that the second in a series of four collectible whiskeys will soon be released in collaboration with Mellencamp Whiskey Company. The new release, Farmer’s Reserve, will showcase John Mellencamp’s 1991 painting ‘American Boy And Girl,’ symbolizing the blend of two unique whiskeys in one bottle.

Like the 2023 Harvest Rye release, each of the four collector’s series whiskeys from Hard Truth and Mellencamp Whiskey, Farmer’s Reserve features a unique whiskey expression created by Hard Truth’s Master Distiller Bryan Smith with Hud Mellencamp and Levi Collison, the co-founders of Mellencamp Whiskey Co. This collaboration is founded on the deep friendship between the founders of Mellencamp
Whiskey Company, Hud Mellencamp and Levi Collison, and Hard Truth Distilling Co. Master Distiller, Bryan Smith.

About Farmer’s Reserve Whiskey

According to Smith, the new Mellencamp Whiskey Co. expression is a perfect marriage of Hard Truth’s Chocolate Malt Rye and Sweet Mash Bourbon, which has then been rested on toasted Amburana, a Brazilian wood that has seen recent popularity in finished whiskeys It is bottled at 106 proof (53% ABV) and will be priced at $69.99 / 750 ml bottle.

“Farmer’s Reserve builds beautifully on our mission to produce great whiskeys in collaboration with Hard Truth and the local farmers that will produce the highest quality regional flavor profiles,” said Hud Mellencamp.

How To Get A Bottle of Farmer’s Reserve

Farmer’s Reserve will be officially introduced at the Hard Truth distillery campus on Saturday, April 6, starting with a bottle signing event at 10 a.m. This marks the beginning of a weekend filled with live music, leading up to an eclipse viewing party on Monday, April 8.

The whiskey will be available at the distillery from April 6 and will gradually reach other markets afterward. With an ABV of 53% (106 proof) and a retail price of $69.99, Farmer’s Reserve offers a distinct experience for whiskey enthusiasts.

Farmer’s Reserve will then make its way to the wider market in the subsequent weeks.

As for Harvest Rye, the first collaboration whiskey from Hard Truth and Mellencamp Whiskey, it’s all been shipped out, though a limited quantity of bottles are still available for stores to reorder through distributors. Collison said once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, although he admitted keeping a few in his collection that will be “sipped slowly.”

“The success of Harvest Rye has us energized for our second release and the amazing whiskey that’s coming next,” said Collison. “Farmer’s Reserve is an exceptional new whiskey, and fans of the first release will love this one.”


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