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Savage & Cooke Distillery will release their first-ever bottled-in-bond bourbon expressions this Spring 2024: Bloody Butcher Bourbon Whiskey and Howling Mob Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon expert Tom Fischer is the first to interview Master Distiller Jordan Via about the new expressions over a tasting. Watch their engaging conversation and tasting in the video above OR click this link to view it.

The two new bourbons are limited-release and made entirely at the Savage & Cooke Distillery on Mare Island.  Like the new trio of core whiskeys released this past fall , all of the grains, water, and barrels come from their region.

Via talks about the farmers, grains, and the process in the interview.

We’ve included tasting notes and full details on these two bourbons along with tasting notes from Jordan Via below.

Savage and Cooke Bottled in Bond Bourbons


Bloody Butcher Bourbon Whiskey

Using Bloody Butcher heirloom corn from California, the Bloody Butcher Bourbon Whiskey comes from 44 carefully selected barrels and will be an annual release each spring

Deep caramel with an orange hue. Bright aromatics of ground cinnamon, dried orange peel, and lilac blossoms. Finishes with a long, unctuous cherry flavor with pronounced minerality and a core of power.

This whiskey was aged four years in Chard #3 and is 100 proof.

Mashbill: 70% Bloody Butcher Corn; 26% Red Winter Wheat; 4% Malted barley

It retails for $99.

Savage & Cooke Bloody Butcher

Howling Mob Bourbon Whiskey

Named after the Howling Mob heirloom sweet corn that the bourbon is made with, this bourbon is a one-time release with just 31 barrels produced.

Rich amber hues with bright aromas of fresh orange zest and Madagascar vanilla bean. Smokey charred oak mid-palate finishes with cinnamon bark and ground peppercorn.

Full-bodied and balanced.

This whiskey was aged four years and is 100 proof.

It retails for $99.

Savage and Cooke Bottled in Bond Howling Mob

Distillery Owner Dave Phinney tells

“When we began distilling in 2018, we knew we only wanted to use the best ingredients in our whiskey. Now that we are at a place where they are ready for release, we can really see the value in this attention to detail,” said Distillery Owner Dave Phinney. “The heirloom corn we get from nearby Winters, California is the perfect example. It makes these bottled-in-bond whiskeys so special. It was a long wait, but with each new release, we see how our patience paid off. We can’t wait to get them into the hands of our fans.”

Dave Phinney Savae and Cooke

“These bourbons were painstakingly crafted and ushed to maturity over a period of four years, but in reality, the process was much longer because it took two seasons to research the ideal growing sites for the grain,” Distillery General Manager Lauren Blanchard explains.

“This bottled in bond series is a true ‘grain to glass; project in that we controlled every element in the process from the heirloom corn varietal and site selection to fermentation time, distillation and barrel regimen; no detail was overlooked. We are extremely proud and thrilled to bring these special bourbons to the market.”


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