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Bhakta 2014 Bourbon Whiskey

Bhakta Spirits tells they have released a coupling of their French and American Cellars: BHAKTA 2014 Bourbon Whiskey.

Bhakta released their first Bourbon last year as the 2013 expression and describes this year’s release noting, “This second release from our stock of aging Bourbon illustrates how subtle year-over-year differences can result in profoundly distinct profiles.”‘

About the Bourbon

After harvest and distillation in the American heartland, this complex 99% corn 9-year-old bourbon underwent a 125-day secondary cask finish in French Oak barrels selected from Château BHAKTA’s finest stock—these casks have each held BHAKTA’s award-winning 1973 Armagnac vintage.

Watch our video tasting below with Raj Bhakta of the 1973 Bhakta Armagnac, the Bhakta 2013 Bourbon and other spirits from the brand.

While we will soon bring you our review, for now, Bhakta Spirits has a few tasting notes:

“Favors of charred oak, maraschino, and maple syrup” with a finish of “sweet almond and raisin rum cake.”

Tasting and Interview with Raj Bhakta

Bhakta 2014 Bourbon at a Glance

  • Aged 9 years
  • 125-Day Armagnac Cask Finish
  • Proofed at 105.4, Cask Strength
  • 99% Corn, 1% Barely MGPI
  • Limited Release of 1500 cases
Bourbon Whiskey 2014 Bhakta Spirits

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