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In our nearly two decades of coverage on, we have never encountered an epicenter that encapsulates the entire history of bourbon and offers such an immersive experience as Oxmoor Farm in Kentucky. You’ll be able to tour it in June 2024!

Watch as bourbon expert Tom Fischer visits Louisville’s historic Oxmoor Farm in the video above. Home to the innovative Bullitt family for over two centuries, this location offers an unparalleled journey through Kentucky bourbon history, including an interview with Shirley Harmon and Tim Knittel of Oxmoor Bourbon Company.

Oxmoor Bourbon Whiskey

This year, the newly established Oxmoor Bourbon Company is proud to unveil a Bourbon-themed historical tour and tasting experience on the 227-year-old property. Highlighting the experience is the launch of Oxmoor Bourbon, a revival of the Bullitt family’s historic Private Stock Whiskey, which will be available exclusively to those attending the tour.

We tasted their first release, and it is a deliciously crafted bourbon whiskey. While there will never be a distillery on this historic site, new expressions will continue to be released, sourced from the finest Kentucky bourbons

Oxmoor Bourbon Louisville Kentucky

Historic Significance of Oxmoor Bourbon Company

Oxmoor Farm is notable for its longevity and profound impact on developing and defending Bourbon laws and standards. As legal scholars, the Bullitt family played a crucial role in researching and defending the regulations that define Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

We are told there is also evidence that points to part of Kentucky’s constitution being drafted on this site. The estate features the family’s extensive 10,000-volume library, showcasing their intellectual pursuits and contributions to Bourbon history.

You will be able to travel through the estate’s original structures dating back to 1791 and experience a series of sensory encounters during the tour.

Oxmoor Bourbon

Booking Your Visit to Oxmoor Bourbon Company: Opening June 2024

This summer, the Oxmoor Bourbon Company invites guests to immerse themselves in a historical narrative woven with the spirit of America’s native Bourbon. Tours are available to the public and can be booked for $42 plus applicable taxes and fees.

You can make reservations now by visiting website at Please note, all guests must be at least 21 years old and are required to show a valid ID at check-in.

You’ll of Bourbon history while honoring the legacy of the Bullitt family and the storied past of Kentucky’s signature spirit.

Oxmoor Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Oxmoor Farm, where the Oxmoor Bourbon Company operates, holds a qualified historic site license, which is a special designation in Kentucky. This license allows the site to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink, host public and private functions, and purchase and store alcoholic beverages in specific ways.

This type of license is rare, with only about 40 such sites across the state​.

Oxmoor Farms Bourbon Tour

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