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Weller Millennium
While other rare Weller bourbons have fetched serious prices on the secondary market and at liquor stores after significant markups beyond MSRP, Weller Millennium sets a new benchmark with an MSRP of $7,500, making it the highest-priced Weller whiskey ever released by Buffalo Trace.

However, Weller Millennium technically isn’t classified as a bourbon.

Weller Millennium is expected to be released in extremely limited quantities, with only hundreds of bottles available worldwide.

With the popularity of Weller bourbons increasing over the years, we at are curious: what is the highest price you’ve ever seen for a pour or bottle? Tell us in the comments below – this link will take you there!

Previous Weller releases, like the William Larue Weller from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, had an MSRP of $125 but have sold for $1,500 to $3,000 or more on the secondary market (or even from retailers marking them up). Similarly, Weller C.Y.P.B., initially priced around $50, can fetch up to $1,300 due to its limited availability and high demand.

The Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat, with an MSRP of $500, has been seen on the secondary market for up to $3,000. These prices are based on our own observations after searching for what they are being sold for on the web as of Spring of 2024.

Why Millennium is Not a Bourbon

No one said rare and expensive American whiskeys had to be a Bourbon.

Weller Millennium is a blend of wheat bourbon and wheat whiskeys, which includes 51% wheat in its mash bill.

This composition means it doesn’t meet the legal definition of bourbon, which requires at least 51% corn in the mash bill. This unique blend highlights the distillery’s commitment to exploring the aging potential of wheat.

Millennium Weller Bourbon Whiskey Buffalo Trace

About Weller Millennium Whiskey

This well-aged wheat whiskey is a unique blend of vintage straight wheated bourbon and wheat whiskeys, classified as a blend of straight whiskeys, with the youngest whiskey being from 2006 at 18 years old, and the oldest from 2000 at 24 years old, and bottled at 99 proof, according to Buffalo Trace’s statement

Encased in a 750ml handcrafted crystal decanter with a custom-made crystal topper hand-etched with W.L. Weller’s original “W” stamp of quality, Weller Millennium represents the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

Buffalo Trace Distillery tells the emphasized the distinctiveness of this release, noting that it showcases the extraordinary aging potential of wheat.

Weller Millenium Bourbon Whiskey

Tasting Notes

According to the distillery, Weller Millennium reveals rich caramel and toffee notes on the nose, indicative of prolonged interaction with oak barrels. Layers of depth and complexity from years of maturation are evident, with hints of dried fruits like figs or raisins, and a touch of stone fruit.

The palate offers sweet caramel flavors, finishing with a prominent oak influence, subtle dryness, and a lingering sense of refinement.

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