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Crown Royal Single Malt Whisky

With the increasing popularity of American Single Malt, it’s exciting to see our friends up in Canada joining the trend.

Crown Royal tells they are launching their first-ever single malt whisky, expanding their diverse portfolio with Crown Royal Single Malt Canadian Whisky. Available nationwide starting June 7, the whisky will retail for $54.99 and offers a new experience for whisky enthusiasts. You can purchase it in stores and through online retailers.

Crafts and Distillation Process

Crown Royal Single Malt Canadian Whisky pays homage to the brand’s Canadian roots by being distilled at its iconic Valleyfield Distillery, the premier French-speaking whisky distillery in North America.

Crafted from 100% malted barley grains and distilled in copper, the whisky is ‘cut from the cold’, using Canada’s cool climate and topography to distill the whisky delicately. The branding on the bottle reads “Delicately Crafted in the Canadian Cold.”

This results in what Crown Royal describes as a smooth and inviting taste with aromas of creamy vanilla and fruity banana, flavors of caramel, apple, and baking spices, and a lingering finish of spice and warm cinnamon.

Single Malt Whiskey Crown Royal

Launch Events and Exclusive Experiences

Whisky lovers can sample this new release at Bar Convent in Brooklyn, NY, on June 11-12 at booth #8B-832.

Additionally, on June 7 at 10 AM ET, Crown Royal will unveil an ice sculpture installation at Lower Manhattan’s Brookfield Place (230 Vesey St, New York, NY).

As the ice sculpture melts, as shown above, it will reveal the Crown Royal Single Malt Canadian Whisky bottle. Visitors 21+ who attend the installation will receive tickets for the Crown Royal Cocktail Tour, featuring exclusive brand merchandise and cocktail experiences at local hangouts.

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Crown Royal Canadian Single Malt Whiskey

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