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We all know this is a time of year when Bourbons, whiskeys and spirits are especially consumed as the perfect compliment to a cold  season. Regardless of the climate where you live, at, wants to know which Bourbon, whiskey or whisky says “Winter” to you in it’s flavor, memory, or theme?

Post your favorite for the season below, make it as brief or detailed as you like. Is it the spicy ryes, deep and smokey Scotch or a barrel proof Bourbon?  Comment here with your reply.

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There is no wrong answer. Consider this  is yet another way we’re asking what you’re drinking today, or as we ask our followers with the hash tag on Twitter @BourbonBlog, “What are you #DrinkinTonight?” Share your thoughts, recipes or comments on how you like to warm up with the whiskey.

For some real inspiration, we invite you to check our our continued holiday coverage, recipes and stories.



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15 Responses to “Which Bourbon or whiskey is best for Winter?”

  1. Andreas K.

    Big fan of the Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve for winter – it’s a great, strong bourbon. Also enjoying the lighter end of the spectrum with some Elmer T. Lee!

  2. Cary Potts

    You can’t go wrong with Makers 46. The deep flavors created by aging with toasted staves makes for a perfect winter bourbon.