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Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine

Tim Smith Climax Moonshine BrandMoonshiner Tim Smith tells first that his long awaited moonshine will be available soon.

As a true moonshiner, Tim has been keeping it on the down low where he has been distilling his new shine.

It appears that Tim is currently making his moonshine at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, as shown in a photo on his official Climax Moonshine website.

After 2 successful seasons on Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, Tim Smith has gone legal with Climax Moonshine which he is calling the “Drink of Defiance.” is the first media outlet to give you this first scoop on Tim’s moonshine brand  AND what his first flavors and expressions will be below.

His original “White Lightning” moonshine, which is a corn mash base, will be bottled at 90 proof while his first two fruit expressions will be bottled at 79 proof.

Climax Moonshine Drink of DefianceThese fruit expressions Grape and Peach Lightning are made the hard way, distilled from real fruit instead of adding fruit later.

A portrait of Tim’s dog named “Camo” will be displayed proudly on each bottle of Climax Moonshine. Tim’s photo will also be on each bottle.

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Original Reicpe

Climax MoonshineDistilled from corn mash. Clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness and bold defiance.
90 proof.

Grape Lightning

Grape Climax MoonshineTim’s original grape recipe. Distilled from fresh grapes.
Delicious and defiant. 79 proof.

Peach Lightning

Peach Lightning Climax MoonshineTim’s delicious peach flavored defiance, distilled from fresh peaches. 79 proof.

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Tim Smith Climax Moonshine Distillery

Tim Smith's Dog Camo

Tim Smith’s Dog Camo on the bottle of Climax Moonshine


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13 Responses to “Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine”

  1. Michael Stringer

    Man, I can’t wait to have Tim’s moonshine in Texas!

  2. Daniel Weston

    cant wait to get a taste duluth mn will be rockin

  3. Andrew Carriere

    Yes I can’t wait to be able to try the best moonshine in the world.

  4. Fran

    Can’t wait to try Tim’s brew! Not a whiskey drinker, but you gotta love Tim and the boys for their dedication and honor of tradition. Simple men not wanting to ‘get rich’, just doing what they love in an honest way without hurting anyone. I have much respect for them.