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Blacky Friday Cocktail with Old Forester BourbonWith Black Friday approaching, our friends at Old Forester, America’s First Bottled Bourbon, tell us they have created the “Official Cocktail of Black Friday.”  If you are going to be the FIRST shopper out the door in the morning hitting those Black Friday sales, then be FIRST person home in the afternoon who has their shopping completed for the holiday season so you can then sit back and relax with the Old Forester Black Friday Cocktail.  Recipe below and view more of our bourbon recipes.

The Black Friday

1.5 oz Old Forester Bourbon
1 oz Ginger ale
2 oz Cola
Squeeze of lime
Garnish with crushed lime.

Note that the green lime represents your money that has been crushed from shopping.


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5 Responses to “Official Cocktail of Black Friday with America’s First Bottled Bourbon – Old Forester”

  1. tomfischer

    I wouldn’t call Old Forester a “cheap bourbon.” While the cost of a bottle of Old Forester is less than some bourbons, Old Forester is a very good bourbon and is considered one of the favorites by many mixologists that we know in Louisville and Kentucky. Those of us who are bourbon lovers are lucky that bourbon continues to be one of the greatest values for whiskey in the world. I recommend you give it a try!

  2. Todd Abrams

    Sorry, inexpensive. Anyway, my beef is with the phoned-in press release not the booze. If Old Forester is as good as you say, why not emphasize the QPR rather than come up with an unoriginal cocktail for a commercial holiday that has nothing to do with the rich history of bourbon?