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Take the most warming Bourbon whiskey, mix it with holiday cheer and you have Woodford Reserve winter cocktail recipes!  A Hot Apple Pie Bourbon creation good enough to slice and a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate with Woodford…delicious.  For more Bourbon recipes, visit our recipes collection on

Woodford Hot Apple Pie

1 ¼ oz. apple cinnamon-infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon*
6 oz. hot apple cider
Fresh whipped cream, cinnamon stick, cinnamon, Granny Smith apple wedge

Mix Woodford Reserve and hot apple cider in a coffee mug (glass is preferable). Top with whipped cream, add cinnamon stick and sprinkle with cinnamon. Garnish with apple wedge.

*Apple cinnamon-infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon
750 ml bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon
6oz. Dried Apples2 Cinnamon Sticks
In a glass container mix bourbon, apples and cinnamon sticks. Let the ingredients marinate for three days.

Woodford Candy Cane

1 ½ oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon
½ oz peppermint schnapps
4 oz hot chocolate

Combine ingredients in mug and stir garnish with whipped cream and a candy cane.


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