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Old Charter BourbonSee how much Bourbon is left in the bottle?  I figured it was about time to review it because one perk to being in Kentucky is that you can some mighty fine Bourbons for a very reasonable price. It feels like some are produced for us to have access to at quite reasonable prices like Old Charter 10 Year Old Bourbon. While this Old Charter can be found outside the Bluegrass State, this one is a “go to Bourbon” that we know is consistently one of the best values for your tastebuds. I purchased 1 Liter of this Old Charter at Liquor Barn in Louisville for about $17.

Bourbon: Old Charter Aged 10 Years
Distillery: While the label reads, “Distilled, Aged and bottled by Old Charter Distillery Co, Frankfort, KY” is aged at Buffalo Trace
Age: 10 years
Proof: 86; 43% abv ,
Color: Golden to Amber
Nose: Peppery corn, some rye and heat
Taste: Full, rounded spice balanced with soft honey hints. Somewhat complex with corn playing against toffee and butter. The age of this Bourbon and reputation of Buffalo Trace certainly give it the backbone to stand up to Bourbons in much higher price brackets.  Thank you Buffalo Trace for giving us delicious Bourbons always, and for keeping some both extremely delicious and affordable at the same time.
Finish: Vanilla cake with ever so slight charcoal. Similar finish to Ancient Ancient Age, but not as sweet.

Label reads: “gently matured for ten seasons in century old brick warehouses”


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2 Responses to “Old Charter 10 Year Bourbon Review”

  1. Ty

    I am doing some research on a bottle that I have found. I found a half gallon bottle of Old Charter Kentucky Straight Bourban Whisky, 7 years old. The label reads Distlilled By Old Charter Distillery Co. Louisville Kentucky. I cannot find anywhere of it’s actually age. The bottom of the bottle has U.S.D.P. NO. 211927 22 GE 72 M64218D LIQUOR BOTTLE. Any guesses as to how old this may be. I am thinking it is FAIRLY old as on the kneck of the bottle it has the U.S. Internal Revenue tax paid sticker. Our state has not had those for years!

  2. Smart Guy

    Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t improve in flavor in the bottle like wine does, and you don’t have a liquor license to sell it!