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Four Roses 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Single Barrel brings you the first Bourbon review of the Four Roses 100th Anniversary Limited Edition 17-year-old Single Barrel which was selected from the OBSV recipe – which is the same as Four Roses regular Single Barrel – but much different flavor because of the extra age. OBSV is one of Four Roses’ 10 Bourbon Recipes that you can learn more about in this video linked here and below this Bourbon review that we are tasting from this sample that you see pictured today, it will be released in early April 2010.

Bourbon: Four Roses 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Single Barrel 2010 release
Distillery: Four Roses Distillery, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Age: 17 years
Proof: 110%; approx 55% ABV
Color: Deeply aged amber
Nose: Some cherry pipe tobacco and cloves.
Taste: Luscious candied fruits of peach and cherry with a delicate spiciness.  Rich mouthfeel with vanilla and oak. Creamy with that Four Roses signature mellowness. Incredible Bourbon to celebrate 100 years, definitely a must have for fans of Four Roses Bourbons.
Finish: Lingering rich cherry and wet citrus with touches of banana cream pie.

This video episode was filmed during at Four Roses Private Barrel Selection and goes into detail about the reason for the 10 Unique Recipes of Four Roses Bourbon.

Visit to learn more and to schedule your own Private Barrel Selection Program, e-mail [email protected] or call 502-839-3436


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  1. Drink Spirits

    I had the opportunity to taste this. It’s pretty amazing. Definitely something to snag up as soon as it’s released.


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