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Kentucky Derby Hats Paris KyneLast year during the Kentucky Derb 135, met Australia’s Master Milliner Paris Kyne in this video who designed many Kentucky Derby Hats. His hats were worn by fashionable Kentucky Derby attendees and also on exhibit and 21c Museum Hotel, which we showed you in this video we did on 21c. Paris is giving a first look at his Derby Hats for this year’s Kentucky Derby 136 in the photos below along with the quotes from Paris Kyne. They will available for purchase at 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, KY.

More is more this season, less is so last year,” Paris tells

On how to wear a hat: “Always ware a hat on a rakish angle, and with attitude, when you have enough attitude the world is your Crème brûlée.”

Gray Mini Beret Hat by Paris Kyne Master Milliner

Gray Mini Beret Hat by Paris Kyne Master Milliner

Coordination with an outfit: “When out on the town shopping for the ideal hat or headpiece, always carry a component of the outfit with you, so that a perfect match can be guaranteed.”

Kentucky Derby Hat

Up close shot of Black Cloche and Clack Rrin Hat from Paris Kyne

Colour: “Red is the colour of the season, ware it with lashings of cream or black. Whatever you do ware it.”

Paris Kyne in his workroom photograph by Fiona Hamilton

Paris Kyne in his workroom photograph by Fiona Hamilton

My work has adorned countless celebrities over the years, including Paris and Nicky Hilton, Tara Moss, Melissa George, Marcia Hines and the amazing Kate Cebrano. I clients have won mountains of fashions on the fields competitions and I have staged solo exhibitions of my work both in Australia and also in the U.S.A. People have described me as an art piece, which I guess is a compliment. And my favourite quote at the moment is “Life’s a party, full of photo opportunities” – Paris Kyne Master Milliner

Taupe Shell Mini Beret by Paris Kyne Kentucky Derby Hat

Taupe Shell Mini Beret by Paris Kyne


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