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Proof on Main 21c Hotel Louisville Kentucky

Outside at Proof on Main at 21c Hotel Louisville Kentucky has covered many stories at Proof on Main at 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville. Proof’s large spirits collection is highlighted by an impressive selection of 50 of Kentucky’s finest Bourbons which are presented below along with a the 21c Signature Cocktail menu for you to view. Named one of the “Best New Restaurants of 2006” by Esquire Magazine and 21c Hotel was voted the #1 Hotel in the U.S. by Condé Nast Traveler.


Bakers $9
Basil Haydens $9
Bulleit $9
Buffalo Trace $7
Elijah Craig 12yr $8
Evan Williams 1783 $8
Four Roses Yellow Label $7
Four Roses Small Batch $9
Jeffersons Reserve 15yr $12
Jeffersons Reserve 8yr $8
Jim Beam Black $7
Jim Beam Distillers
Series 7yr $12
Jim Beam White $7
Johnny Drum Private Stock $12
Knob Creek $9
KY Vintage $7
Makers Mark $8
Michters 10yr $8
Noahs Mill $14
Old Bardstown Estate $7
Old Fitzgerald 1849 $8
Old Forester $7
Old Forester Birthday $16
Old Forester Signature $11
Old Grandad 86 $7
Old Grandad 114 $8
Old Pogue Masters Select $10
Pure Kentucky XO $10
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 $8
Rowans Creek $11
Russells Reserve 10yr $8
Sam Houston $9
KY Bourbon Distillers
Vintage 17 $12\
KY Bourbon Distillers
Vintage 21 $12\
KY Bourbon Distillers
Vintage 23 $14\
Wild Turkey Spirit $12
Woodford Reserve $9


Pappy Van Winkle $10
Woodford Reserve $10


Family Reserve 15yr $12
Family Reserve 20yr $18
Family Reserve 23yr $40
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr 90 $7
Old Rip Van Winkle 10 yr 107 $9


Blantons $11
Eagle Rare 10yr $8
Elijah Craig 18yr $12
Elmer T Lee $9
Evan Williams 10yr $8
Four Roses $10
Hancocks Reserve $12
Henry McKenna BIB 10yr $10
Old Grandad BIB $8
Rock Hill Farms $12
Wathens $8
Willet $12


Wild Turkey Rare Breed $9
Bookers $12

Signature Cocktails at Proof on Main

Pomme 75 $8
champagne, apple brandy, lemon

Old Fashion Root Beer $10
WJ Weller, sassafras, soda

Pimms Flip $7
raspberry, egg, tart lemon

Mile High Club $9
aviation gin, pomegranate,
grenadine and lime

Sonny’s Blues $10
Finlandia grapefruit, lillet blanc,
triple sec

Oleana $10
Cachaca, honey, lime, vanilla bean

Black Mamba $10
Appleton special rum, Chambord,
blood orange, mezcal

House-Made Tonic $9
vodka or gin, lime

The Proof Sour $11
woodford, house made sour, meyer


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One Response to “Proof On Main at 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville Kentucky”

  1. Loretta Lotito

    Kentuckey Bourbons are some if not the finest made! My
    Favorites…The Willet Pot Still! And of course a few of the aged Willets
    They are beautiful in taste color and the fact they are made in small
    Batches and aged to perfection!


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