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Watch inside a humidor pairing four beers with four cigars to celebrate the Final Four week. We are exploring the combining of flavors when enjoying beers and cigars together. Watch the video below and on this link and read our Beer and cigar reviews and pairings below.

PAIRING # 1 LIGHT – Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale paired with Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale Cigar of Dominican Republic

Beer Notes: Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale Review – 5.1% ABV from Pyramid Breweries, Washington. Fruit beer, using real apricots. The nose is strong on the nose and prevalent in the flavor with underlying wheat beer flavor. This unfiltered beer has very little bitterness

Cigar Notes: Brevas Royale Review – Nice after dinner cigar with Cameron wrapper, not too bitter.

PAIRING #2 MEDIUM – Pyramid Haywire Hefeweizen paired with Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona

Beer Notes: Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale Review – 5.2% ABV from Pyramid Breweries, Washington. Flavor is delicate wheat and remind me some of a wheat thin. The beer begins sweet and goes into a sour note with a hint of lemon. Fairly approachable and sweeter than most Hefs.

Cigar Notes: Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Review. From Dominican Republic and has a Maduro wrapper. Complex, packed with flavor and character. Even burn and slow draw.

PAIRING #3 RICHER – Founders Centennial IPA paired with Punch Grand Cru II

Beer Notes: Founders Centennial IPA Review – 7.20% ABV. Just about everything on this beer is better than most IPAs you’ll ever find. Color is pours darker than most IPAs. Some floral on nose, grapefruit and lemon. Absolutely delicious! The piney complex flavor is amazing. Finish of cookie dough. Creamier than most IPAs.

Cigar Notes: Punch Grand Cru No. II Review – often called the “pride of the Punch” and for good reason. Made in Honduras. Robust in taste, yet with a sweet bouquet and silky smooth draw. Gorgeous, golden brown wrappers highlight a select, complex and refined cigar.

PAIRING #4 FULL AND BOLD – Bell’s Cherry Stout paired with Camacho Triple Maduro

Beer Notes: Bell’s Cherry Stout Review – 7.00% ABV. Made with the juice of real Michigan cherries. Nose is roasted malt, smoke, chocolate and coffee. Taste up front I get tart cherry, sweet malt, chocolate and espresso. Some depth and complexity. Malty finish.

Cigar Notes: Camacho Triple Maduro Review – Good even burn with thick and flavorful smoke. Flavor of some wood elements and with coffee and bitter chocolate notes.

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