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Canadian Mist Whisky RecipeThe time of year for March Madness parties has arrived again. Across America people entertain friends, anxiously waiting for the triumphant buzzer that announces their team’s place in the big dance. would like to show you how to make the final, game winning shot that places the cap on your own final four experience, maybe starting a new tradition in your house (frat or no!)

The Gameplan

Ok, team here it is… we’re gonna macerate, or soak fruit in a spirit overnight, skewer it with a pick and eat the fruit before we take the shot. Kind of like taking a tequila shot with salt, your taste buds will experience the flavors of the fruit and that will carry into the actual drink itself. Local is how we’re playin’ this! We have taken the time to speak with restaurants from each school’s city and have chosen some spirits that are popular there or represent the land, aesthetically. The fruit Fillandia Vodkaaccompaniment can also be found on farms in that region. We’re entertaining here, so we’re going with call brands. If you wanna change the play on the court, go ahead.

The Pass

Great shots begin with great passes. The fruits should be allowed to sit overnight in the soaking spirit. You can purchase a smaller amount of the spirit, depending upon how many you would like to serve, just make sure your fruit is covered. The apples and pears should also have the juice of a lemon added, to add acidity and to keep them from turning brown. The day of, simply skewer with a pick and serve this on top of the shot glass. You can purchase plastic shot glasses and picks at your local party store.

The Shot

Below, you will find a chart for each of the schools, the maceration spirit/fruit and the shot itself. Remember: if your team wins, it’s for celebration- if you lose, it’s for consolation…

School Soak Fruit Shot
Butler Southern Comfort Apple (Lemon) Maker’s Mark
West Virginia Frangelico Blackberry Copper Fox Rye Whisky
Michigan St Sparkling Wine Pear (Lemon) Canadian Mist
Duke Gin Blueberry Finlandia

For more Bourbon recipes and cocktail recipes, visit this link. Here’s wishing everyone an exciting final four. As always, drink responsibly and be legal! Never drink and rive

Special thanks to Mixologist and Beverage Consultant Stephen Dennison
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