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Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon reviewI’ve been a fan of Wathen’s Bourbon for quite some time, so I decided to review one that I love…
Bourbon: Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon
Distillery: Charles Medley Distillery, Owensboro, Kentucky
Age: 8 years, label reads Barrel Number 789 and Hand Bottled on 12/9/08
Proof: 47% ABV;  94%  proof
Notes: For 250 years and eight generations, the Medley family has been making Bourbon. Charles W. Medley and his son Sam Wathen Medley carry that tradition on today.
Color: Golden Caramel
Mild tobacco, brown sugar.
Refined, delicate and deep at the same time. Approachable floral notes complimented by a leathery, mild oak and vanilla. A light mouthfeel with a richness all its own. A smooth and buttery texture that will keep you reaching for another pour after you thought you were finished.
Light with touches of banana bread and cinnamon.


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