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Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon
James Hill of reports for and brings us his impressions of the forthcoming Maker’s 46 along with video of conversations from Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith during a special Maker’s 46 Dinner James attended at sola in Chicago.

What happens when you take one of the most famous brands in the world, a brand with one spirit that it has declared to be the best bourbon in the world and release a new spirit along side it?

That is exactly the question on the mind of millions of Maker’s Mark fans, ambassadors, and maybe most importantly, the people who just like to sip bourbon or mix it up in a cocktail. I am a bit of all three, but what I am not is a whiskey geek ? I just know what I like.

I typically enjoy a spicy bourbon packed with flavor like Basil Hayden or Booker’s. While I absolutely appreciate Maker’s Mark (and do enjoy it), it hasn’t been the first thing I look for when I step into a bar or order an after dinner drink.

After a fantastic bourbon dinner last week at Chicago’s sola followed by a comparison tasting between Maker’s Mark and Maker’s 46, I am extremely excited to try more of Maker’s 46. According to Kevin Smith, at the time of our dinner there was only 4 bottles of Maker’s 46 in the entire city of Chicago (and one was nearly gone after our tasting). (article continue below video)

Kevin Smith Talks about Maker’s mark 46 at Tasting Dinner at Sola, Chicago PART 1 of 2

As a result, we were privileged with only a small sample. However, based on that sample it is clear that this isn’t an improvement over Maker’s Mark, but yet it is just a new interpretation.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet, Maker’s 46 essentially is the same mashbill and aging process as Maker’s Mark, until the last 3 months.

During this finishing process, additional staves of seared French oak are added to the barrel in a process that Maker’s Mark has borrowed from wine makers. Maker’s 46 is then returned to the barrel to age and what was a super smooth spirit now gains texture, new flavors, and will be bottled at a slightly higher proof than Maker’s Mark.

According to Kevin, price will be about $6-$8 more than Maker?s Mark and it will be available in June.

I can’t wait!
Kevin Smith Talks about Maker’s mark 46 at Tasting Dinner at Sola, Chicago PART 2 of 2

Special thanks to James of for the article and video. Check out!


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  1. DukeB

    Great video! I even poured myself a snifter of MM46 and did my own tasting while Kevin talked about the new expression. I only have one problem…my special tasting bottle of MM 46 is halfway gone! Great job Kevin with this new Maker’s Mark. Can’t wait to have this in my bar and have my own tastings for friends.


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