Posted by attends The Barnstable Brown Gala 2010 and brings you celebrity photos in the gallery below with a our video episode and red carpet interviews coming soon here. The Barnstable Brown Gala benefits the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center at the University of Kentucky.

Derby Photos of Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller, Taylor Dayne, John Michael Montgomery, Patrick Patterson, speed skater Allison Baver, John Locke, Salt N’Pepa, Jackie, Marlon & Tito Jackson.

all photos by Photographer Jake Bilinski. Copyright 2010


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One Response to “The Barnstable Brown Gala 2010 Photos, Pre-Derby Eve on Red Carpet”


    Dear Tom
    The interviews you have taken at Barnstable Brown Gala to so many interesting people,they were tremendous.I heard that they all like Bourbon products and I am very proud of you.
    By the way who is Maria Manousos? I know a family by the name Manousos who are ship owners and they also deel with the trade of frozen fish,prawns and shrimps.As the junior Manousos used to be a student of mine at the Merchant Marine Acadey we became very good friends and we are still in touch.
    i wish you and the Bourbon Blog to have a greak success all the time.
    Thank you for informing me for the events ,I enjoy them all
    Yours truly