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Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey ReviewBourbon: Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, New York

Proof: 46% ABV;  92 proof

Age: Aged under 4 years in American Oak

Notes: First legal pot-distilled whiskey to be produced in New York Hudson Valley since prohibition, made with 100% New York Corn. Label reads year 10, batch 2, bottle 78.
Color: Medium copper to amber

Nose: Nutty and slightly pepper. Vanilla with some mint.

Taste: Sweet corn on front end with playing against a vibrant oak in well-balanced fashion.

Midway through, the mouthfeel is smooth and soft. Approachable and easy drinking.

Finish: Light smoke and sweet corn.

Whiskey review by Tom Fischer.


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