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85 Lashes Rum Amalgamated Distilling of St. Louis
A Exclusive by Stephen Dennison was privy to the very special bottling, tentatively to be released in Missouri and Illinois. Gentleman, you did this thing right, nay, you performed a high-wire act. We’d like to show the world what they are missing.

The difficulty with being a young distillery is establishing a profit-flow. The young craft distillers are employing a great many of techniques to get their product to market. Few have hit the nail on the head like Amalgamated Distilling, else I wouldn’t even bother with these words- or the resulting proofs. This expression of ‘dark rum’ excites the … well, let’s just say I’m very, very happy!

Their key to success is the use of spiral cooperage. Think about it. Normal cooperage is linear. It flows in-line with the natural growth of plant cells contained in the wood. Now, be avante and cut them in half. All of the sudden, the oak bleeds into the spirit at an exponential rate…

This offering hasn’t even come to public, yet when it does, you will know- everyone will be drinking it au naturel. It drinks with the depth and complexity of a dark rum yet finishes so clean, well, as the name suggests, 85 (proof) Lashes…

Pow! How ya’ feeling? Like another?

“85 Lashes gets its unique flavor from our work with a whisky pot-still.” says Jake Jones Amalgamated Distiller. “People who don’t enjoy Rums, love ours. This is truly a Raw Rum, no additives. It’s still warm when we place it into the barrel. We send the used barrels to local restaurants, use them to make porter, or place them in our smoker for meats.”

This care and reflection can be witnessed within the glass. As it should be.


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5 Responses to “85 Lashes Rum by Amalgamated Distilling of St. Louis”

  1. DukeB

    Is that RED WAX dripping down from the top of the bottle??? Uh ohhh!

  2. DukeB

    Oh, I was wondering. I know MM just tangled with a tequila manufacturer. Will this be available in Western Ky?

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  4. Kasich Walker, Jr.'s Bee Itch

    Had some clear lashes rum straight up for the first time this afternoon. So smooth.