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Canton Meets Caribbean

One of the best places to find new and interesting ingredients is in ethnic markets. What people enjoy daily on one part of the planet is unheard of on the other. In America, we are blessed with a growing number of these groceries. I encourage any bartender to explore these places, as they are a source of not only new products, but of new ideas. As with any pre-batched recipes, adjust these proportions to fit your palate and make this your own signature. Additionally, the use of the lemongrass infuses a back note of the ‘herb.’ To accentuate this effect, you may place it in the microwave for 10 seconds to excite the essential oils found in this hearty plant, or simply use more.

Margaritaville Dark Rum
In a pitcher, add:

1 part Margaritaville Spiced Rum
1 part Margaritaville Dark Rum
1 part High-Proof Rum, of Choice
1 part Lychee Puree (see below)
4 parts Pineapple Juice
juice of 2 Limes
1 part Pomegranate Drinking Vinegar
4 dashes Bitters
Splash of Simple Syrup (optional)


Garnish by stirring with lemongrass twig, generously. Ice just before serving, incorporating with lemongrass.

Lychee Puree:

Canned Lychees, packed in simple syrup . Place contents in a blender. Push this through a fine-mesh strainer with a rubber spatula.

Article written and recipe created by‘s Beverage Consultant Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison.


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  1. Punch Recipe

    It sounds like you’re going to have a real Kung Fu punch after drinking this! lol! Hopefully you don’t get knocked out, lol! But seriously, I think this punch recipe will be perfect for my husband’s 35th birthday. I really think that he and his friends will going to love it, they’ll probably find the name interesting enough for them to try it, lol!