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Craft distillers whiskey tasting ADI conference

One afternoon during the ADI Conference consisted of us tasting not only the winning whiskies, but many others. This is Whiskey Paradise!
‘s Tom Fischer and Stephen Dennison recently attended the The American Distilling Institute’s 7th Distilling Conference which focused on Whiskey & Moonshine. We enjoyed having a large crowd of our American craft distilling friends in Louisville. Thankfully, they brought some whiskey with them! One afternoon during the ADI Conference consisted of us tasting not only winning whiskies from the Craft Distilling Awards, but many others. This was Whiskey Paradise. More stories coming from the conference and check out the winning whiskies below.

Judging of American Craft Whiskies and Moonshine

Best US Artisan Distillery Award

Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, New York

Single Malt

Gold – Rogue Spirits, Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Oregon Whiskey

Silver – Prichard’s Distillery, Single Malt Whiskey

Bronze – New Holland Artisan Spirits, Zeppelin Bend

Bourbon Whiskey

Gold – Great Lakes Distillery, Test Batch

Silver – Tuthilltown Spirits, Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Bronze – Woodstone Creek, Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Tuthilltown Spirits wins Silver for their Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey in the Bourbon whiskey category

Rye Whiskey

Gold – High West Distillery, Rendezvous Rye Whiskey

Silver – Tuthilltown Spirits, Manhattan Rye Whiskey

Bronze (Tie) – Finger Lakes Distilling, McKenzie Rye

– Corsair Artisan Distllery, 100% Rye

Wheat Whiskey

Gold – Dry Fly Distilling, Washington Wheat

Silver – New Holland Artisan Spirits, Brewer’s Straight Wheat Whiskey

Balcones Distillery

Balcones Distillery of Waco Texas wins GOLD for their Baby Blue Corn Whiskey

Corn Whiskey

Gold – Balcones Distillery, Baby Blue Corn Whiskey

Silver – Copper Run Distillery, Ozark Mountain Moonshine Corn Whiskey

Bronze – Colorado Gold Distillery, Colorado’s Own Corn Whiskey

Un-aged Whiskey

Gold (tie) – High West Distillery, Western Oat Silver Whiseky

– Koval Distillery, Organic Rye Chicago Whiskey

Silver – Corsair Artisan Distillers, Wry Moon

Bronze – Catoctin Creek Distilling, Mosby’s Spirit

Blended Whiskey

Gold – High West Distillery, Bourye

Whiskey Idiosyncratic

Gold – Ballast Point Spirits, Devil’s Share Whiskey

Silver – Prichard’s Distillery, Tennessee Whiskey

Bronze – Corsair Artisan Distillers, Rasputin Hopped


Gold – West Virginia Distilling Company, Mountain Moonshine Old Oak Recipe

Silver – Copper Run, Ozark Mountain Moonshine Spirit Whiskey

Bronze – West Virginia Distilling Company, Mountain Moonshine

Cask Strength

Gold – Corsair Artisan Distillers, Wormwood Wit Barrel Strength

Silver – Roughstock Black Label Montana Whiskey

Bronze – Corsair Artisan Distillers, Triple Smoke

Flavored Whiskies and Whiskey-based Liqueurs

Gold – Prichard’s Distillery, Sweet Lucy

Silver – Spirits of St. Louis, Vermont Night

Bronze – New Holland Artisan Spirits, Hatter Royale Hopquila

Best of Show — The Best Craft American Whiskey

High West Distillery, Bourye

Packaging Award

Tuthilltown Spirits, Manhattan Rye Whiskey

Special thanks to Bill Owens and Andrew Faulkner of the American Distilling Institute.  Visit


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  1. Gable Erenzo

    Hey there. Thank you for this nice writeup from the ADI spirits competition. Only one award missing here, and not to toot our own horn, but we were VERY honored and excited to receive ADI’s “Best US Artisan Distillery Award” 2010.

    Hope you will come visit us sometime at the distillery.



  2. DukeB

    Thanks for sharing. Great to see a local Bowling Green Ky company do so well!!

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