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Bloody Eye Cocktail Sometimes, boys just have to be boys. This beer cocktail/sidecar/deconstructed machination draws influence from a couple of the classic challenging drinks that bartenders make for gregarious bachelor groups.

The Boilermaker involves dropping a shot of choice into a half-filled beer and then drinking it all in one fell swoop. The Red Eye is simply hot sauce poured into a beer. It sits at the bottom of the drink, promising a fiery finish to the libation. Lime dropped in beer is a common addition to any Mexican beer. The ‘Bloody’ class of drinks always involve vodka, tomato, heat and acid Let’s pull them apart, reconfigure them, and voila! The Bloody Eye.

These are two separate drinks, to be enjoyed alongside each other, not mixed. Deconstruction- let the guest do what they want with the components, at their leisure. You should also find the Goya Botanita ‘snack hot-sauce’ at your local Mexican ethnic market. I would avoid trying this with any other brand, as this product has a very specific flavor profile. On the palate, it begins with a predominate lime flavor, followed by tomato and then heat. Also, go get the Crystal Head. Not only does it play well, the skull packaging inspires bravado in testosterone-driven bulls! Any rounded lager would work, I suppose, but a Mexican beer- like Modelo- seems only appropriate. Pure recipe as follows:

In a chilled beer glass: Modelo Especial Beer

Crystal Head Vodka RecipeFor the Sidecar:

1 oz Crystal Head Vodka

1 oz Goya Botanita Snack Hot Sauce

Place in shaker and dry-shake. Serve in a rocks glass, at room temperature.

For the more adventurous, keep some hellfire-level hotsauce on hand (500,000 scoville units and up.) Place on a spoon to serve. For raucous home-entertaining, have the rube place it on the tip of his index finger and lick it. Then the fellas can sit around and wait for him to rub his eyes! Now that, my friends, is The Bloody Eye!

Boys will be boys.

Article written and cocktail created by‘s Beverage Consultant Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison.


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