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Peninsula Grill Planters’s Tom Fischer travels to Charleston, South Carolina and Peninsula Grill at Planters Inn invites him in for a few Bourbon cocktails. Planter’s Inn has been highly awarded by Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Magazine, and for good reason! Peninsula Grill is known for delicious Bourbon cocktails and Wild Turkey American Honey recipes and Bourbon creations we are sharing with you below.

Wild Turkey American HoneyBourbon Honey Old-Fashioned


2 parts Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon
2 parts Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon.
Angostura Bitters
Sugar Cube
Maraschino Cherry
Orange Wedge


Soak sugar cube with bitter and drop cube in a rocks glass. Add a wedge of orange and maraschino cherry. Muddle fruit into sugar cube. Add both Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon and Wild Turkey American Honey to the glass. Finish by filling glass with ice.

Wild Turkey American Honey drinks Southern Manhattan


2 parts Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
1.25 parts Southern Comfort
Angostura Bitters
Brandy soaked cherry
1 part Sweet Vermouth


Shake Wild Turkey Russel’s Reserve, Southern Comfort, and Sweet vermouth over ice and strain into martini glass. Add bitters and Brandy Soaked Cherry.

Peninsula Grill, Charleston, South CarolinaPeninsula Whiskey Sour


1 part Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
1/2 part Disaronno Amaretto
1 Triple sec
1 Sweet and Sour mix
Splash of Sprite
Crushed ice


Add Basil Hayden’s, Disaronno Amaretto, Triple Sec, and Sweet and Sour Mix to a rocks glass half full crushed ice. Top off with splash of Sprite.

Visit the Peninsula Grill for an incredible meal and these delicious drinks when you are in Charleston, South Carolina on
112 North Market Street
Charleston, SC 29401-3157
Tel: (843) 723-0700

Peninsula Grill Charleston South Carolina's Tom Fischer at Peninsula Grill, Charleston, South Carolina

Special thanks to Peninsula Grill’s Bartender/Mixologist Morgan Cawley and to my Dad for joining me


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5 Responses to “Bourbon Cocktails from Peninsula Grill, Planters Inn, Charleston, South Carolina”

  1. Dominik MJ - the opinionated alchemist

    I do not understand, how bartender could still muddle the fruit for Old Fashioneds!
    The Old Fashioned is a precious drink – one of the oldest though still the best, if it is made right!
    Muddle some citrus and a maraschino cherry [which is anyway one of the bar-sins] is just destroying my faith into a good bar.
    Thats beside of combining great spirits with mediocre, mass produced liqueurs [like Southern Comfort] or “Triple Sec” [it is in quotation marks, because it is a Triple Sec Curaçao or a bitter orange liqueur].
    The mentioning of Sweet & Sour and Sprite in a cocktail doesn’t surprise, though doesn’t help either.

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