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Corsair Triple Smoke WhiskeyThe team reviewing some most innovative whiskeys we’ve ever tasted and they’re coming from  Corsair Artistan Distillery here is the first…

Whiskey: Triple Smoke Single Barrel Whiskey
Distillery: Corsair Artisan Distillery, Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee
Proof: Barrel Proof 59.2% ABV; at118.4 proof
Notes: Pot distilled American malt whiskey from cherry, beechwood, and peat smoked barley.
Color: Medium Amber.
A bold smokiness with background of sugar.
Taste: Peat comes through on front end and becomes sugar-coated toward the middle with some hints of the cherry. “Scotch like” in a small way and backed and well-balanced with sweetness.
Finish: Nice balance of grain and sweetness.

Whiskey review by’s Tom Fischer and Stephen Dennison along with  Adam Meyer and Brad Kerrick of The Bourbon Review.


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2 Responses to “Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey Review”

  1. Bob Siddoway

    Can you really differentiate in taste between the three types of smoke used for this? I’ve only ever tasted cherry wood smoke in BBQ. Interesting stuff…


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